Software de traducción avanzado
for global organizations

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server is a comprehensive solution able to meet the full range of translation needs on an enterprise scale.

Powered by SYSTRAN's neural machine translation engine (PNMT™), it offers the best in class machine translation quality. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server is designed to meet and exceed corporate expectations for quality, enhanced collaboration, cost-effectiveness and productivity.
Used by companies worldwide to meet the growing demand for quick and accurate translations, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server translates all types of documents and files including manuals, procedures, reports, product and support information, content applications, websites and audio files.

Easy to deploy on a corporate intranet or extranet, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server increases enterprise collaboration and meets the translation needs of all employees. It supports unlimited user access, millions of translations per day, and seamlessly integrates with any business application and document workflow to help enterprises handle day-to-day multilingual challenges in collaboration, content management, eCommerce, customer support, business intelligence, knowledge management, eDiscovery, and procedures workflows...

Advanced translation software for global organizations

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Funciones de SYSTRAN Enterprise Server

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server model

End-user features

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server consists of a set of robust functionalities that enables end-users to access dictionaries and translate many different types of content. Through a browser-based interface, users can immediately translate texts, emails, web pages and documents in a wide variety of file formats, while preserving the original document layout in their translations. A dictionary lookup tool also provides instant access to alternative meanings of selected terms from both built-in and user-defined dictionaries.

  • Traducción de textos
  • Traducción de páginas web
  • Document translation (Supported formats include: TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF*, XML, HTML and Open Office documents)
  • Audio file translation (optional)

Additional user tools are provided with SYSTRAN Enterprise Server consisting of add-ons for:

  • Microsoft Office applications: Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook for Windows
  • Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  • Explorador de archivos de Windows
(*) PDF Text Extraction Technology by Image Recognition Integrated Systems S.A. - Copyright 1987 – 2017, I.R.I.S. S.A. All rights reserved.

Expert features

Translation Editor is an online translation workbench designed to create, manage, and post-edit translation projects. It offers powerful review tools for terminology, translation memories, analysis, and QA and closely interacts with Dictionary Manager.

Dictionary Manager lets you customize translations by integrating your own terminology and translation memories into the translation process. Así, el usuario podrá gestionar y almacenar sus recursos lingüísticos en un servidor centralizado para garantizar el uso coherente de la terminología y reutilizar las traducciones en toda la empresa.

API's: you can also seamlessly add translation functionalities to any enterprise application through the APIs in SYSTRAN Enterprise Server (SOAP and REST).

Administrator tools: administrators get access to specific tools for easy maintenance, activity reporting, and management of user permissions.

Training Server allows corporate customers and Language Service Providers to independently train SYSTRAN Enterprise Server to any selected domain or business objective and to produce publishable-quality translations. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server automatically learns from existing and validated translations and updates itself as these translations are reused.

Business values

Customized solution

Secure, fast and scalable

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server is available on premise. It can be installed in the internal Information System of the organization, behind the firewall or hosted by SYSTRAN in a private and secured cloud. This secured architecture guarantees privacy and safety and complies with internal security policies: client data, confidential information and trade secrets do not leave the company.
SYSTRAN Enterprise Server can be installed both in Linux or Windows Server environments. Its architecture and available microservices enable an installation adaptable to the needed performances and availability requirements.

Content and process centralization

A solution tailored to your specific domain, terminology and communication strategy

SYSTRAN experts provide professional services to tailor the solution towards your needs. Linguists train your translation models based on your existing content, the terminology of your industry, and your communication strategy. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server is delivered with accurate and customized models.

Intellectual property protection

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server offers a rich user experience with integrated user tools

User friendly tools are provided with SYSTRAN Enterprise server that enable machine translation from an Internet browser, Microsoft Office applications, and instant messaging tools.

Ganancias de productividad

A business-oriented solution: increasing multilingual content production while maximizing productivity

Poder acceder de forma inmediata a información en otros idiomas es esencial para la aplicación de mejores prácticas empresariales y para una comunicación efectiva.
The advanced dictionary and project management tools provide an efficient process for document translation, dictionary creation, and post-editing. Nuestras herramientas fomentan la colaboración y permiten a los nuevos usuarios ganar productividad rápidamente gracias al trabajo realizado por otros. The overall costs of localization and translation is considerably reduced.

Customized solution

Our obsession, continuously improving translation quality

Since its early beginnings, SYSTRAN provides to the market ground breaking machine translation technology: after the rule-based engine, then the statistical and the hybrid combined to create the best of both worlds, SYSTRAN is now a pioneer in the neural machine translation era, leveraging the latest technological innovations from Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning models.

Learn more about Pure Neural™ Machine Translation.

Content and process centralization

Smooth integration in existing enterprise information system and applications

Through the open API's of SYSTRAN Enterprise Server, IT teams can add translation functionalities to any enterprise application: content management, search, collaboration, eDiscovery, knowledge databases, manufacturing processes, eCommerce, support websites, and document workflows.

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Intellectual property protection

Language coverage

SYSTRAN offers more than 45 languages in more than 130 combinations. With the most recent generation of neural engines, this number will be quickly updated.

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Ganancias de productividad


Many corporations, government organizations and LSPs choose SYSTRAN to optimize their multilingual processes.

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